Apple cocktail
Ingredients: Almond, Amaretto, Apple Schnaps, Coffee Liquer (Kalua), Lime, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice
Apple cocktail

Black Russian
Ingredients: Vodka, Coffee Liquer (Kalua)
Stir 4cl vodka with 2cl coffee liqueur into a whiskey glass. Add ice.

Bloody Mary
Ingredients: , Worcester Sauce, Tabasco, Tomato Juice, Lemon
4cl Vodka, 1cl lemon juice, salt, 1 dash of Worcestersauce, 1 dash of Tabasco, black pepper, 10cl tomato juice in shaker. Shake well and pour it in a cocktail glass filled with some ice.

Blue Angel
Ingredients: Curacao Blue, Champagner
2cl Curacao Blue into a champagner glass. Fill up with champagner.

Brave Bull
Ingredients: Tequila, Coffee Liquer (Kalua)
Stamper: 1cl Tequila, 1cl Kalua.

Ingredients: Lemon, Cachaca (Pitu)
Put 2 lemons in eighth cutted into a whiskey glass and mash them. 2 tea-spoons of brown sugar, 4 cl Cachaca (Pitu), fill up with crushed ice.

Ingredients: , Eggnog, Lemon, Orange Juice
3cl Vodka, 2cl egg liqueur (Eierlikoer), 2cl lemon juice, 4cl orange juice with ice in shaker, shake well and pour in a collins glass filled with ice. Drinking straw.

Ingredients: Cointreau, Lime, Tequila
2 oz Casa Noble Tequila Crystal or Gold, 1 oz Cointreau, 0.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice. Shake ingredients in mixing glass with ice, then strain into a cocktail glass.

Cou Cou Comber
Ingredients: , Lemon, Pastis
4cl Vodka, 2cl lemon juics, two dashed of Pastis (eg. Pernod) and two dashed of sugar sirup into a shaker. Get a half cucumber, hollow it out and pour the well shaked drink into the cucumber. Drink it with a straw.

Cuba Libre
Ingredients: Lime, Brown Rum, Coca Cola
Dash of lime juice, 4cl rum into a long drink glass filled with ice. Add a slice of lime and fill up with Coca-Cola. Serve with a drinking straw.

Daiquiri, brown
Ingredients: Brown Rum, Lime
4cl brown rum (Havana Club), 2cl lime juice, 1cl sugar syrup, with Ice in shaker.

Daiquiri, white
Ingredients: White Rum, Lime
4cl white rum (Havana Club), 2cl lime juice, 1cl sugar syrup, with Ice in shaker.

Duc and Hugos wild party mix
Ingredients: Vodka, Tequila, Coca Cola
Mix tequila with vodka with cola. Add cola ice-cubes and stir. Add a squeeze of lemon a pinch of sugar and a straw, and enjoy like Duc and Hugo 'Faggers' Fagandini on their wild nights out on the town. They were wild, I can tell you! :D

Feelin blue
Ingredients: Curacao Blue, Lime, Vodka
great taste, dont drink too much though

French 75
Ingredients: Gin, Lemon, Grenadine, Champagne
3cl Gin, 2cl lemon juice, grenadine syrup with ice in shaker. Pour in a champagne glass and fill up with champagne.

Green Apple Tequini
Ingredients: Tequila, Apple Schnaps, Melon Liqueur, Lime
Shake ingredients in mixing glass with ice, then strain into a cocktail glass. Slice of Green Apple for garnish.

Mai Tai
Ingredients: Brown Rum, Brown Rum 73% vol., Lime, Triple Sec, White Rum
3cl lime juice, 3cl white rum, 3cl brown rum, 1cl Captain Morgan, 1cl Triple Sec. Shake on ice. Pour on plenty of crushed ice into a carribean glass. Garnish with cocktail cherry, add two leaves of mint and a slice of lime.

Malibu Jimmy
Ingredients: Lime, Orange Juice, White Rum
Malibu Jimmy - Add 1/2 a glass of Malibu to 1/2 a glass of Orange Juice. Mix well, and pour into a tall glass with ice cubes made from orange juice. add a squeeze of lime juice, and a straw - and thats a Malibu Jimmy (Named after its creator, the esteemed Jimmy 'Wine Merchant' Unwin)

Ingredients: Canadian Whisky, Vermouth Dry,
Ice, 4cl Canadian Whisky, 2cl dry vermouth, 2 dashes of Angostura Bitter. Stir in a suitable glass. Pour it in a martini glass and decorate with a green olive and the peel of a lemon.

Ingredients: Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime
Cocktail glass with salt-rim, in shaker: 4cl tequila, 2cl Triple Sec, 2cl lime juice, Ice.

Ingredients: Vermouth Dry, Gin
Stir gin and vermouth (5:1) together with ice in a mixing glass. Strain into a cooled martini glass and add olive or lemon peel.

Mexican 55
Ingredients: Tequila, Lemon, Champagne
Collins glass filled with Ice, 4cl tequila (Cuervo), 4cl lemon juice, 2cl sugar syrup, fill up with (dry) champagne.

Naughty eggnog
Ingredients: Cognac, Eggnog, Frangelico
eggnog with frangelico and cognac

Nim's Special Mix
Ingredients: Brown Rum 73% vol., Frangelico, Tabasco, Tequila, Vodka, Worcester Sauce
Hits u hard

Northern Light
Ingredients: Champagner, Triple Sec, White Rum
2cl white rum (eg. Bacardi), 2cl Triple Sec into a champagner glass. Fill up with cold champagner. Add a dash of orange juice.

Ingredients: Angustora Bitter, Canadian Whisky, Cointreau, Vermouth Dry, Vermouth Red
Stir 2cl Canadian, 1cl Vermouth Red, 1cl Vermouth Dry, 1cl Cointreau and a dash Angustora on ice. Strain into a champagner glass and fill up with champagner.

Old Fashioned Whisky
Ingredients: , Soda, Scotch
Dash some Angostura-Bitter on a sugar cube and put it in a whiskey glass. Add some soda and ice. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add 6cl whisky or bourbon. Decorate: Slice of orange- and lemon.

Ingredients: Grapefruit juice, Lime, Tequila
2 oz tequila, fresh grapefruit juice, 0.5 oz fresh lime juice. Pour ingredients over ice.

Scotch Sour
Ingredients: Scotch, Lemon
See Whisky Sour, but use Scotch instead.

Screw Driver
Ingredients: , Orange Juice
4cl into a long drink glass with ice, fill up with orange juice.

Siberian blue mist
Ingredients: Champagner, Gin, Lime, Scotch, Sprite, Tequila, White Rum, Wine, white, Vodka
scotch, sprite, vodka, white rum, tequila, gin, white wine, lime, champagne. Blue colouring agent - mixture creates hazy vision. Feeling of content.

Ingredients: Cognac, Cointreau, Lemon
4cl Cognac, 2cl Cointreau, 2cl lemon juice. Shake it.

Ingredients: Tequila, Coffee Liquer (Kalua), Sprite
Stamper: 2cl tequila, 1cl Kahlua, 1cl Sprite. To drink, cover the glass and stamp it hard on the table. Drink quickly.

Tequila Sunrise
Ingredients: Tequila, Orange Juice, Grenadine
Fill a collins glass half with ice, 4cl tequila, fill close up with orange juice, add slowly 1cl or 2cl Grenadine , so that you can see the sunrise at the bottom of the glass.

Ingredients: Lemon, Tequila, Vermouth Dry
2.5 oz tequila, few drops of dry vermouth, 0.5 oz fresh lemon juice. Shake ingredients in mixing glass with ice, then strain into a cocktail glass.

Tequilini Casa Noble
Ingredients: Almond, Amaretto, Orange Juice, Tequila
0.5 oz Tequila Casa Noble Reposado, 1 oz orange juice, 1 oz Amaretto. Shake ingredients in mixing glass with ice, except almond, then strain into a cocktail glass. Drop almond in glass.

Tequilini Melon Real
Ingredients: Lime, Melon Liqueur, Tequila
1 oz tequila, 1 oz melon liqueur. Shake ingredients in mixing glass with ice, except lime twist, then strain into a cocktail glass. Add a lemon twist.

The blue Cachaca
Ingredients: Cachaca (Pitu), Curacao Blue, Lemon, Triple Sec
Garnish-Melon peel decoration as an eagle. It has to be shaken and poured into a pyramid glass.

Ingredients: Beer, Bourbon, Eggnog, , Tabasco, Tia Maria, Worcester Sauce
Makes you vomit.

Whiskey Sour
Ingredients: Bourbon, Lemon
Whiskey glass with ice, 4cl bourbon whiskey, 2cl lemon juice, 1cl sugar syrup. Decorate with a long lemon peel.

White Russian
Ingredients: Coffee Liquer (Kalua), Milk, Vodka
Remember the movie 'The Big Lebowsky'? The Dude used to drink it. Into a Whiskey glass: 3cl of Coffee Liqueur, 3cl of Vodka, fill up with milk.

Fanny licking cow girl
Ingredients: Bourbon, Brown Rum 73% vol., Gin, Grapefruit juice, Orange Juice, Southern Comfort, Sprite, Tequila, White Rum
very very silly ( be careful)

Tropical Popsicle
Ingredients: Lemon, Melon Liqueur, Orange Juice, White Rum
tastes pineapplie....very refreshing!