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5 Ways To Increase Your Book Sales

If you are selling print books or kindle books on Amazon then you want to do everything you can to increase sales.

But did you know it is possible to use Amazons own website to help get your books seen by more customers.

And the five most important things you can do only take a short time to set up then it can go on helping you for years.

So lets start with the easiest and most obvious.

1. Create and Amazon Author Page

This is easy to do using Amazons own Author Central feature. Here you can list your books, add a link to your blog and Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as fill out an author bio, complete with URLs to your website.

You can even set up a URL to your Amazon author page customized with your name in it.

2. Use the Search Inside Feature

This is really important because it helps customers decide if they really want to read your book or not. And it is okay if they do not like it and wont buy it. Because the last thing you want is dissatisfied customers giving bad reviews.

Instead let the Search Inside feature help the right kind of readers find your book.

Also if they can not search inside your book before they buy it (which lets face it, is an option open to them with every book in a physical book store) they wont buy it. So before you click publish make sure your books all have Search Inside enabled.

3. Use you Wish List and Favorite List

As a customer and an author you are allowed to create a wish list of books you would like to own (so others can buy them for you) and a list of your favorite books that you own.

Now while it may be tempting to only add your own books to these lists, dont.

It is okay to add maybe one, but all the rest should be books in your niche or genre. That way you look as though you know what you are talking about. An expert in your own field.

4. Write Customer Reviews

This is easy. You don't have to have purchased the book on Amazon to write a review. You just have to have read it.

Reviewers get their own reviewer profile page. Customers often click the reviewers link to find out who they are and how good they are.

I listed my author page URL as my chosen website URL and used only a brief bio so that visitors will go to my author page and see more about me and all my books.

Reviews that you write do not have to be long. They just have to be helpful. Also make them positive instead of too critical.

Stick to reviewing books in your own niche or genre. That way, customers going to your profile page will be interested in your books as well.

5. Publish a So You Would Like to. Guide

These are brief, online guides that authors create.

Customers read them online. These guides can contain links of up to ten products on Amazon. The first three products mentioned get links placed at the top of the page. Make sure your first three products are your own books.

Guides are really nothing more than long articles.

So if you have an idea for a So You Would Like To. guide that would be really useful for customers looking for books like yours, go ahead and create a guide that contains links to your most appropriate books.

And there you have it.

These are the five things you can do today to help increase your sales and get your books seen by more customers.

But do not stop there.

Keep writing customer reviews, writing more books and adding them to your page.

Good luck.

About The Author: Ruth Barringham is a freelance writer and online marketer and has been writing professionally since 1999. She started her own publishing company in 2007 where she publishes all her books and ebooks. She also has an inspirational website for writers at

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